The Turmeric Plant – How to Grow and Health Benefits

how to grow turmeric plant and health benefits

The turmeric plant produces the bright yellow spice that most people know from Indian cuisine. This spice is warming and has a slight bitter taste on its own. Many liken it to the combination of orange and ginger. It’s used in many different cuisines, though most people only know it is a main ingredient in … Read more

How to Grow Herb Garden – Starting Tips for Beginners

how to grow herb garden

Create a Herb Garden Design as, Herbs not only add flavor but can add a lot of essential vitamins and minerals to your dish. Before growing and planning your outdoor herb garden design, there are a few factors that you will have research first as not all herbs can withstand certain environmental conditions such as … Read more

Top 10 Anti Inflammatory Herbs

top anti inflammatory herbs

If you’re in search for the best anti inflammatory herbs, you’ll find this article useful. There are numerous herbs that have been proven to aid in various health problems such as inflammation, infection, blood clotting and more. However, they also come with potential side effects just like the artificial medications we buy from drugstores, but … Read more

Growing Rosemary

growing rosemary

Why Consider Growing Rosemary? Growing Rosemary is a wonderful idea as the herb which can be used to make some lovely ornaments and also it can be used as a seasoning too. This type of herb is mostly associated from foods that are cooked from the Mediterranean areas. However, you will not need to be … Read more

Growing Lemon Grass

growing lemon grass

Growing lemongrass is not difficult. This herb is used a great deal in Asian cooking. It is also used for many medicinal purposes. Here is the best way to grow this herb, so you may take advantage of its many uses. Propagation You can start your plants from seeds. However, it may be a long … Read more