How to Grow Herb Garden – Starting Tips for Beginners

Create a Herb Garden Design as, Herbs not only add flavor but can add a lot of essential vitamins and minerals to your dish. Before growing and planning your outdoor herb garden design, there are a few factors that you will have research first as not all herbs can withstand certain environmental conditions such as frost and cold or even too much heat. So you may be restricted to what herbs you can grow according to your temperature and region for your herb garden design.

Another aspect you have to consider when growing an outdoor herb garden design is that you need soil. Also, you have to consider that urban sub-urban soils are contaminated with pesticides. This may not effect the taste of the herb or even inhibit their growth but there is the possibility that you will ingest the pesticides if it isn’t destroyed during the cooking. If you really want to you could contact your local city/town officials to get information on this or the easier option would be to buy good soil and compost from your local garden centre to enhance your herb garden design.
how to grow herb garden outdoors

When you have a garden ready for the growth of plants et cetera, the decision is what to grow. Growing herbs such as thyme, basil, oregano and parsley will do wonders for both your garden and your cooking. Imagine having a constant supply of fresh herbs to cook with whilst providing you with a colourful garden.

Most herbs are perennial, meaning they need 6-8 hours of sunlight per day and well drained soil. Others are annuals that need to be re-planted every year. You will learn this through out this website and on seed packets you buy. Even the ones that may struggle through the winter, you could prevent their death by simply bringing them inside. This is the beauty of growing herbs as most of them can be grown in pots and brought inside.

If you have never grown herbs before, start with a small herb garden design and the use of containers.

Try the basic herbs first such as thyme, tarragon and oregano as well as a few basil plants. Plant these herbs in large enough containers and place in areas that will provide enough hours of sunlight. These pot containers will also help in decorating your garden.
how to start an herb garden for beginners

If you want to plant directly into the ground, start by breaking the soil up into a soft substrate and work in some organic material. Place the smaller herbs in front and larger at the back. Allow a few feet of space between the herbs enabling enough room to grow.

Keep your new plants moist for the first week or so. Gradually allow them to acclimate to the drier weather. When weeds come up (and they will), pull them so they don’t compete with the plants for water and nutrients.

As your herbs start to grow and mature, make cutting a regular process to help keep the production of new leaves. If you are growing basil, fertilize every 6-7 weeks and your herb garden design will be worth it.

Harvesting your herbs is simple, just pick a few for the dinner you are making that night and enjoy.