Growing Lemon Grass

Growing lemongrass is not difficult. This herb is used a great deal in Asian cooking. It is also used for many medicinal purposes. Here is the best way to grow this herb, so you may take advantage of its many uses.


You can start your plants from seeds. However, it may be a long and drawn out process. There is a quicker and easier way to start your plants. You will need to buy some. You may find it in the produce section of your local grocery store. They will be available in Asian markets, also.

Make sure that you have nice lemon grass. There should be signs of life in the bundles. When you get them home, trim the tops. Also trim away any dead parts. Place the trimmed grass in water. A good method is to place them in a clear glass jar in the window. They need sun.

It is very important that the grass does not dry out. Keep the bottom portions in water at all times. After a while, they will develop a root system.
how to grow lemongrass

The root system may take weeks to develop properly. Do not become impatient. The grass may start to grow long before the roots are ready. This is normal. Wait until the roots are at least 2.5 centimetres or two inches long. They are now suitable for planting. Do not let the roots get much longer than this. They can become brittle and may break off easily. Handle them with a lot of care.


Regular potting soil will work fine for your grass. Would you like to grow them in pots? That is fine. They will do quite well in pots. You may also plant them outside in the ground. Plant them outside, fairly far apart. You can place them in a circle of five or six plants.

You will want to make sure that they get plenty of water. Give them plenty of sunshine. You will not need to worry about shade. They are tropical plants. They will do well in warmer climates. Is it hot and humid where you live? That is fine. However, you will need to protect them from cold weather.

Before long, you will notice many new plants growing. Your five or six plants will become many. They will also get quite tall. These plants will require very little attention. They do very well on their own. They will do best in well-drained soil. You can fertilize with an equal fertilizer like 10-10-10.
growing lemongrass from seed or stalk when where to plant


Lemon grass is best harvested right before using it. Grab the stalk close to the root and snap it off. You can use the entire thing, or dry them for many other uses. Lemon grass tea is a popular choice.


You will find growing lemon grass to be simple and easy. The best way is to buy some, and soak it in water.

When it is properly rooted, set it out or place it in a pot. Use organic potting soil for growing in containers. Make sure that your lemongrass gets plenty of water and sunshine. Protect them from the cold, also.